Social Clickout technology

Our Social clickout technology helps the tracking of sales via affiliate links in social media apps.

In a social media app you normally click on (affiliate) links and stay in your dedicated app browser. With the Social Clickout technology we redirect you out of the social media app browser to your default browser. This lifts the conversion rate by enabling post-session fingerprinting and cookie tracking.  

This results in higher rate of measured sales and more commission for you as influencer.

The benefits of Social Clickout

The Social Clickout technology offers multiple benefits:

Better conversion measurement​

Up to twice as many sales are registered on affiliate links in social media apps.

Higher affiliate income

Because more conversions are measured, you will receive more commission on your affiliate links.

Good shopping experience

Users have a better shopping experience by shopping in their default browser.

Available for free

The Social Clickout technology and 5,500+ affiliated advertisers are available for free in LinkPizza.

Create Social Clickout affiliate links

As a creator at LinkPizza you can easily use the Social Clickout technology for your affiliate links:

1. Choose from 5,500+ affiliated advertisers
View all affiliated advertisers or put the link of the desired advertiser in the link shortener to see if it is affiliated.

2. Create the affiliate link via the link shortener
Put the desired link in the link shortener, turn it into a shortened affiliate link and share it on your social media.

3. Earn up to 2 times the affiliate income
Using Social Clickout technology increases the chance of more measured sales and therefore a higher affiliate income.

Choose from 5,500+ affiliated advertisers to promote

As a creator at LinkPizza you have direct access to 5,500+ affiliated advertisers such as H&M, Booking, Action, Adidas and Coolblue.

View all affiliated advertisers or select which advertiser you will promote based on the best eCPC or average commission.


Our measurements show that on average 50% to 200% more sales are measured on affiliate links that are shared on social media.

Because consumers are redirected to their default browser via the Social Clickout page, sales are measured better. Consumers also have a better shopping experience, which contributes to a greater chance of purchasing.

It seems that people who click the button are more likely to go ahead and purchase the product or service. We have measured a minimum decrease of people who do not continue because of the button. But we see an increase of up to 100% in the conversion of people who go ahead and start buying.

To use the Social Clickout technology you only need an influencer account at LinkPizza. This is completely free to use.

The technology works on the most well-known social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok.

The Social Clickout page will not appear if you already click from a website to the advertiser’s website in your standard browser. It only works on links to social media apps.