Referral programma - Friends of LinkPizza

Earn up to €250 commission by inviting brands and other influencers to LinkPizza through the Referral Program!

Are you enthusiastic about LinkPizza and would you like to recommend us? When you share your personal LinkPizza link and someone signs up through your link, you will receive a compensation (up to € 250 per user).

How does it work?

By using your personal link, the LinkPizza system knows that the registration comes through you. If you forwarded someone, we automatically remember this for 30 days (unless someone else forwards the same person again).

There are several ways to promote LinkPizza:

Use your personal link

Do you know an influencer or advertiser you want to introduce to LinkPizza? Forward them using your personal link: personal id)

This link is also suitable for social media (e.g. in the swipe-up of a Story, in your bio, in a Instagram post or in the description of a TikTok.

Example: Linda Heikens (@lindakaas) introduced over 69 new influencers to LinkPizza through her TikTok video.

Link to your own mediakit

Do you have a blog or website? Then you can link to your LinkPizza media kit. For example, consider a special ‘Collaborate’ page, where you indicate that you are open to collaborating with brands. A dutch example below.

Blog about LinkPizza

Would you like to share your experience with LinkPizza in a blog post? Insert your personal influencer or brand sign-up link in it, depending on what your post is aimed at. A good example is the this dutch review about LinkPizza by

Please use the following links to do so:

Subscribe creator, influencer or publisher: =(your personal id) 

Sign up advertiser or brand: =(your personal id) 

Reply advertiser by email

Sometimes you receive emails from brands that want to collaborate. By sending a personalised link to your LinkPizza media kit, you provide them with the right information right away.

A Dutch mail example.

Signing up advertisers: personal id)

Automatically via the LinkPizza script or plugin

Have you installed the LinkPizza script or plugin on your website? Then a normal link to LinkPizza will suffice and it will automatically track who signs up with us via your website.

Compensation or commission

See what you receive for bringing in a new user and what conditions apply:

Registered user



Phase 1: affiliate

  • The affiliate has created an affiliate lead within 180 days of registration (referral leads are excluded).

€ 5,-

Phase 2: influencer

  • The influencer, publisher of UGC creator has pitched on or been invited to a campaign and the assignment was accepted within 180 days after registration.

€ 20,-

Phase 1: advertiser or agency

  • Company details are fully completed and verified.
  • Has submitted an approved campaign. 

€ 50,-

Phase 2: advertiser or agency 

  • Above conditions for advertiser.
  • Advertiser has invested a minimum of €500 in campaign budget within 90 days 

€ 200,-


Fee per sign-up

So for a new unique affiliate and influencer you can earn a total of € 25,-. For a new unique advertiser or agency you can earn a total of € 250,-.

Cookie time

The cookie time of the referral program is 30 days. This means that within 30 days of someone clicking your link, we recognize that this person has been referred by you (so you will receive the commission if the lead meets the conditions).

* The (social media) channels with which someone registers with LinkPizza are checked by our Influencer Manager based on our quality requirements. When channels meet these quality requirements, they get access to LinkPizza.