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Advantages for influencers


In the spotlight
At once be visible for thousands of advertisers.


Decide for yourself
Decide on which campaigns you pitch or which (affiliate) links you use in your content.


The compensation for your unique content and promotion.

How influencers earn money using LinkPizza


1. Sign up for free

Sign up for free and link your social media channels: website blogs, vlogs, instagram, facebook youtube, tiktok. Whether you are a brand lover (1k), nano (10k), micro (50k), mid tier (150K), macro (500k), mega (1m), or celebrities (1m +) with unique followers, anyone can be a creator to be.


2. Pitch on campaigns or get proposals

Receive or view the campaign briefing from brands that suit you, make a pitch or be invited by advertisers and work together to create unique content based on the campaign briefing.


3. Negotiate and communicate with brands

The advertiser views your media kit and campaign pitch proposal. Consult with the advertiser about the price and the content to be delivered and the manner of promotion.


4. Create and promote your content

Write, film, photograph and create beautiful content and share it among your followers.

Statistieken Content promotie

5. Receive the reward

After posting your content and promotion among your followers you will automatically receive the agreed fee.

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Rick Bosch

Rick participated in the Prince Charming program, is an online marketing specialist and a lover of luxury and travel.

Judith Doppenberg

Interior, lifestyle, diy, garden, food, fashion and travel are the subjects that are most discussed at Huizedop!

Evelien Langeveld

I am Evelien, the travel & lifestyle content creator behind Eef Explores. With my blog I hope to inspire others that it is never too...

Carolien Spoor

Actress, entrepreneur, editor and mother of Otis & Elia.

Niek Roozen

I am an actor (including Brugklas) and YouTuber (Van Plank Naar Kast).

Sabine Koning

Enthusiastic in his thirties, mom of 2 young children, foodie, travel enthusiast, self-employed and always looking for the right balance between private and work.

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Feel Good