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advertiser influencer marketing marketplace micro-influencer micro-influencers

Why are micro influencers more effective?

Influencer marketing can no longer be ignored. Micro-influencers are being used more and more and preferred over macro-influencers. That is not without reason. We’ll explain why! What is influencer marketing?...

backlinks do follow no follow plugin SEO

No follow vs. Do follow links

If you have just started blogging, you may not know exactly what the difference is between no follow and do follow links. In this article we explain the difference and...

brand lovers mega influencers micro-influencers nano-influencers Prices Reach Tips

5 tips for determining your rate as an influencer

Many brands are looking for quality content and find it interesting to work with influencers who reach a specific target group online. The rate of the campaign depends on a...

creator influencer Pitch Tips

5 tips for writing a successful pitch

When your website or socials are approved at LinkPizza, you can pitch on the available campaigns from brands. But how do you write a good pitch and what do brands...