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Aandelen Academie Affiliate program Aandelen Academie is an innovative online academy for amateur and advanced traders. The Nederlands has now over 1 million active traders and this number is growing rapidly. More and more people are looking for steady yields in the stockmarket and it is the mission of Aandelen Academie to engage with traders and offer them the highest quality affordable education and training for continual self development . The unique learningconcept of the Aandelen Academie The innovation has its roots in the online training concept. No more hassle with traffic, locations, cancellations from teachers and other circumstances. The traders can learn, when they want to learn, what they need to learn, all at their own choice. For a very affordable price the traders can engage in an subscription with access to all the online training modules with a value exceeding 997 euros. They can try it out for the first month at only 1 euro. Furthermore all the members can connect with each other and share idea's, insights and read our extensive reports on certain companies which are written up by our trainers. It is an online community for traders, by traders. All included in the membership. Why should you promote the Aandelen Academie Program • Low and transparent fees for your visitors, without any hidden costs • A very high quality of customer service and training, customers have given us a 9 on feedback company • Growing selection in training, webinars and reports • A very easy accessible website for educational purposes for traders • An attractive fee for publishers Aandelen Academie has the main focus on the development of the best and most complete content in the era of trading and the stockmarkets. We are in continuous effort of self improvement for our services, quality and pricing. Simplicity, Speed and Service. Good luck with your promotional efforts! Commission model Terms for Aandelen Academie publishers 1. Aandelen Academie is open for feedback, please send us your f

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