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Fiscaal-online is an online reporting tool that every entrepreneur, accountant, bookkeeper or accountant administrator can use for its taxes. In short, anyone who has to deal with sending tax returns can get started with fiscaal-online. fiscaal-online is simple, reliable and inexpensive. On Trustpilot is even the highest rated program of the Netherlands tax return. Users can immediately start with the simple program and immediately benefit from the huge time saving and low cost. With fiscaal-online sending the: - VAT return (VAT return) - ICP declaration (intra-community performance) - Supplementation declaration sales tax - Deferral Scheme Tax Consultants (for IB & VPB) The range will be improved with new products and existing products every year. That makes fiscaal-online one of the largest online tax return programs in the Netherlands. Why work with fiscaal-online? It is an accessible online reporting tool that can be started immediately. Anyone who is interested in trying out for free all products through a trial account. You, as an affiliate partner, immediately receive at closing an active trial account using a high affiliate fee of € 10.00! Start today a collaboration with fiscaal-online and increase quickly and easily your affiliate income! The leads are inspected after 10 days if no activity has been at a trial account after 45 days again.

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