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Decisive business software that makes Exact. For entrepreneurial doers who want to improve, change, grow and directly translate their dreams into action. Exact Software develops reliable and user financial software for Dutch businesses since 1984 With Exact you will find three types of enterprise:  Exact Online Accounting is an online accounting program which Exact Online has integrated CRM software. It provides real-time insight into both finance and relationship management and makes it easy and cost effective for small businesses to safely bring their activities in the cloud  Exact Online Trade helps commercial businesses to gain and healthy margins. That is the way for commercial companies to give the competition behind. So the entrepreneur gets control of both logistics and finance and strengthens its position in the chain.  Exact Online Project management helps to prevent project managers errors in the time tracking or billing, so turnover is always optimal. So the entrepreneur is the competition always one step ahead. The integrated business comes including CRM software helps service providers deliver profitable projects and simultaneously improve their service. Everything fits together seamlessly. Everything is automated. Everything is under control in the cloud on both smartphone, tablet or PC. Exact Online is on the market since 2005 and has more than 10,000 customers and 1,500 accountants that support the product.

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