Expresso Affiliate program is the place for fashionable women! Expresso Fashion is a Dutch fashion brand with a distinctly feminine signature. The webshop knows better than anyone that fashion makes a women beautiful. Therefore the collections have an excellent fit into a size from size 34 to size 46. Key words are tailored elegance, comfort, individuality and originality. Start now with the promotion of Expresso and benefit from numerous advantages! Indeed will start temporarily with a higher fee: 15% CPO for the first month! Benefits for you: - Approval of sales within 20 days - Cookie duration of 1 month - Promotion through e-mail marketing, keyword marketing and social media is allowed It is not allowed to buy keywords such as the brandname, or combinations and variations. This applies to both direct and indirect links to another website. Cashback sites are not allowed to the affiliateprogram of Expresso.

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