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For those looking for original and unique gifts. HISTORIA offers a wide range of special and personal gift ideas. The products are truly remarkable and can´t be found in regular stores. The engraving on the gift turns it into a very personal present that won´t be easily forgotten. The top product of HISTORIA is the old historic newspaper from the date of birth. Customers can also choose from many old wines, jewelry, chocolate products, cd´s and lots of other original gifts. A birthday, Valentine´s Day or Mother´s Day: HISTORIA offers the perfect gift for each occasion and every person. HISTORIA distinguishes itself from other shops through offering specific products of someone´s birth date or birth year. The personal engraving on the gifts is also a defining factor for the success of these presents. The main goal: original and unique gifts that guarantee a real surprise. Advantages of the program: - High average sale value of more than 40,- euros - Attractive commissions (12% or more) - Many affiliate promotions - Wide range of advertising possibilities (banners, discount codes,…) - Product data available (CSV) - Exclusive discount codes possible - International delivery - Personal contact person - Contact possibilities in different languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish

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