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Imaginarium is the most specialised brand of toys in the world, with over 300 stores in 30 countries, offering children as well as their parents the opportunity to learn and have fun, while guaranteeing top notch quality and safety. Imaginarium always strives to complete these two goals: - Making children have more -and better- fun - To shape and develop children in a social and an imagical way Imaginarium has always based its businessstrategies on very specific values. 80% Of its salable stock consists of the unique Imaginarium brand, suitable for children of the ages 0-12, and it is renewed regularly. The values considered when designing and putting together our new collections include, but are not limited to: Quality, safety, educational value and of course the amount of fun the child will have when playing with the toys. A small list of examples of our assortment: -A wide range of babyproducts -Dress-up costumes -Kitchens -Dolls -Outdoor toys -Scientific (educational) toys -Musical instruments All Imaginarium's products are branded with an ItsImagical quality logo, which guarantees the transfer of evolving and social values to children. The products with this quality logo form an exclusive collection of toys that gets renewed twice a year. Why choose the affiliate program of Imaginarium? -High compensations -Several different banners -Active program management -Highly envolved customer service

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