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Kenko is an online boutique where your visitor can quickly and easily find all your favourite feel good products. Kenko means health in Japanese. Françoise and Eveline, founders of Kenko, are constantly and globally looking for the best natural products that convince them of their effect. The ingredients are thoroughly investigated, and they test every product themselves. At the same time it is important that the products look great! Because of the natural and appealing package, they deserve a prominent place in the interior. Why Kenko? Feel good products with an honest story The current offer of natural products is bigger than ever. With the growing offer of natural feel good products, the uncertainty around these products also grows. Françoise and Eveline missed the stories behind products and they are happy to share all these stories. Kenko assortment The assortment exists of different kinds of tea, healthy snacks, natural cosmetics and green accessories. A big part of the assortment is also organic, gluten-free and vegan. Each product gives you more information about the production process, where the products come from and which ingredients they contain. Kenko wants to make the production process completely transparent! The products are made with love and with respect for people, nature and animals. Cooperate with Kenko? - Be the first one to introduce upcoming brands. Kenko's brand portfolio consists of a selection of unique brands that are new on the market and are not yet or hardly sold within the Benelux (OZN, Kissa Tea, Agema, Halo Raw Chocolate, Goodio, etc.). - New feel good products will be added to the Kenko assortment on a regular basis. Note: The Kenko Box cannot be promoted. Discount code parties are not allowed.

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