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Mascolori is there for men who create, see the world in a different way and above all: be different. Mascolori is founded in 2011 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It arose from a huge passion to explore and amaze. To excite yourself and your surroundings with your personality and choices is important in our life. Together with Mascolori you can excite the world. A stylish look finishes your unique pair of shoes. With these shoes you show more than just your style. You show confidence. Things are getting more interesting when they go a step further than usual. The man who wears Mascolori knows those things like no other. The strength of art, exploring new paths, experiment: that’s what Mascolori fans connect each other. The whole collection of Mascolori is designed in Rotterdam and made in Portugal. This stylish, amazing and innovative Mascolori shoes are a unique pair of shoes in the world. The shoes are made with dedication and craftsmanship, a big part of the shoes is handmade as well. The shoes are made in small order around the 75 pieces. Those people are as devoted and passionate as you are.

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