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A private lease Mijndomeinauto is a leased car possibly provided with advertising. This advertisement is located on the space of the private leased car. The car is rented for at least 1 year. The monthly fee includes insurance costs, taxes(road tax), repair and maintenance, normal wear and tear of tires, administrative expenses, depreciation, interest and 24-hour (inter)national breakdown service, excluding fuel. Who are we? The idea to offer leased cars to individuals was born in 2010 when the parent organization (internet company mijndomein.nl) brainstormed about an advertising campaign. Mijndomein.nl wanted to generate more awareness for its rapidly growing operations in the field of domain name registration. Branded car lease The advertising costs on a bus shelter were so high that the thought came to mind; "You can ride a car for those costs" and "After all your car feels like your domain". In addition, the reach of a moving bus shelter comparing to a "normal" shelter is many times greater. This idea was developed for sponsored lease cars with their infinitely varying traffic and parking locations. What provides the idea ? A lot! Unaided brand awareness mijndomein.nl increased in 1.5 years for example, of less than 3 % to over 9%. Satisfied customers actually occur daily as ambassadors in their stickered car. The questions that loom like " How big is that business anyway? " or "What do they do exactly? " have resulted in an increase of 20% of number of visitors to the site. Where are we now ? Mijndomeinauto.nl has become the most transparent private leasing company with the Best Deal Guarantee for individuals in the Netherlands. Our customers benefit from our competitive lease rates and favorable terms. They have certainty about their motoring costs with our 100 % guarantee.

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