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MyPOS Heights is the provider of mobile payment terminals in the Netherlands. At present, the cheapest mobile payment solution to accept anytime, anywhere debit and credit card payments. Campaign Benefits: - Price breakthrough in Netherlands: real payment terminals (note no pinreaders) - High conversion - Attractive remuneration - Advanced promotion - Rapid assessment of sales - On weekdays within 12 hours to answer your questions, often even faster Why price breakthrough in the Netherlands? What about PayLeven of € 79 or free pinreaders. This payment terminals must compare you with models of CCV, Sepay, Ingenico, Alphyra, Banksys or Xentissimo of Worldline. The pin-readers Payleven, iZettle, SmartPin and other providers are completely different products. In PayLeven or SmartPin you need an app to make products, to deal etc. The payment application (including security) so runs on the Smartphone. The myPOS betaalatuomaat is a fully independent operating unit. When myPOS products entering a matter of price, customer presses OK and stops are only (or at the terminal for contactless) and tap the last to PIN. The result: accept or reject is on the teminal. Even easier with debit or credit card payment can not.

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