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My Jewellery is an online webshop with a colourful collection. The collection of the recognizable style of the on-trend designs is carefully put together by the owner and director Sharon Hilgers. This is one of the many reasons why the brand My Jewellery cannot be missed in your collection! For many years, she has been using her creativity and originality for designing jewels, and since 2011, she officially started with her brand My Jewellery. The rapidly changing collection, with new offered items at least once a week, makes My Jewellery one of the most innovatory webshops in the Netherlands. Certain items of the collection are also offered in 200 stores; in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium. There are two agents active for My Jewellery, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. They look after the sale of jewellery in stores. Besides jewellery, there are many other items which can be bought at the webshop, for example skirts, clutches, dresses and more. These products are put together by Sharon Hilgers, and mainly imported from Paris. Orders, which are placed by customers on working days before 5pm, will be send the same day, and can be received the following day. This fast service is appreciated by people and is a big advantage when ordering at My Jewellery. So, if you love jewellery and other unique and colourful items, definitely take a look in our shop and take the chance to promote My Jewellery through your channel!

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