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PlayerAuctions is a secure player to player (P2P) marketplace to buy, sell, and trade online gaming products with gamers worldwide. PlayerAuction facilitate thousands of transactions daily. Their platform has been operating since 1999 with a community of 1+ million registered users. PlayerAuction has 200+ games with titles having in-game currency, accounts, items, and power leveling. The gaming industry is growing day by day, and many publishers are making money from P2P trading. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and prepare to make money. What does PlayerAuction offer? • Authentic offers by real gamers in primary markets (U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia). • Fixed 2% CPS for new and existing customers. • 2% CPS becomes 3% if monthly sales go beyond $25,000 for a current month. • Many game-specific banners and text links to chose. • Deeplinks enabled. Who’s the best fit? • Youtuber • Twitch streamers • Bloggers • Influencers • Content marketers Games for Affiliate Program • Path of Exile (POE) • Rocket League (RL) • RuneScape (RS) • Old School RuneScape (OSRS) • World of Warcraft (WoW) • FIFA 18 Campaign Information • Commission: 2% CPS • Keyword Marketing : is not allowed • Email Marketing: is allowed • Cashback: is not allowed • Social Media: is allowed (no paid advertisement) • Product Feed: Available • Deep Link: possible • Tracking duration: 14 days • Active in: Europe, US, Canada, Australia What’s Not Allowed? • Cashback • Coupons • Discounts • Rewards

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After signing up for LinkPizza you won‘t have to sign up for any other network anymore. No more applying for programs or copying tracking links. Simply install our plugin once and you‘re done. Still not convinced? Check our available programs below.