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Puntzorg is specialised in Mobility and Healthcare equipment. Here, you can find anything you need for home care in and around your house. Puntzorg isn’t just meant for elderly people, but also for people who have physical limitations. There is a solution for everyone with a physical limitation. Puntzorg has convenient products that provides better mobility, comfort, health support and safety. Everyone should have a safe and confident feeling in their own house. Some examples are wheelchairs, walking aids, wall brackets for the bathroom or dress assistancy. Puntzorg doesn’t only provide products, they also provide advice, service and warranty. Why become an Puntzorg affiliate? Puntzorg is one of the biggest providers in AVthe Netherlands with a very large assortment of Mobility and Healthcare equipment. Besides that, the affiliate program of Puntzorg offers the following advantages: - Attractive rewards - Good converting website - Active management of the campaign Because of the temporary special offers and the attractive rewards of Puntzorg, this campaign is suited for all publishers.

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