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Shapewear® and ShapewearForMen® has introduced shapewear for men in the Benelux in April 2010. Exclusively available online through their webshops. The brands they sell aren't for sale in other (regular) shops in the Benelux. Target group Shapewear for men is worn not only because of the shaping effect. More and more men are wearing these shirts in order to improve their posture and to relieve their back. The Shape Wear Shirts can support the back in a standing position and prevent back problems. This compression garment is also worn increasingly by athletes. Sales Worldwide interest in figure-correcting clothing for men is enormous, so last year in Europe were comparable only few products available. Shapewear could now close very good contracts with four top brands, which means that shortages belong to the past in 2011 and we can start our affiliate program with full confidence. The average order value is € 116.00. Many customers order only one shirt for testing and then larger quantities. Continuity and promotion: Shapewear shapewear ® and ® are together form the first major web shop for shaping clothes exclusively for men. We lead an active media campaign with regular press reports, articles in professional journals, on TV and radio.

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