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Pollen provide substantial attacks of hay fever: itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. Approximately 20% of the population are affected. Many anti-hay fever have side effects like drowsiness and insomnia which creates a lot of discomfort in everyday life. Fortunately, there is now Sniztop, a 100% natural dietary supplement that works quickly in supporting physical reactions to allergens such as pollen and grasses, dust mites and pet dust. Great benefits SnizTop: No negative side effects such as drowsiness or insomnia. It also makes it very suitable for children. Rapid relief of multiple symptoms of allergy. It works within 15 minutes after ingestion, is 100% natural, drug-free alternative for self-medication and the only clinically proven natural remedy that histamine stops before it starts. SnizTop contains zinc and contains specific proteins extracted from certified Japanese quail eggs (Coturnix coturnix) and gives no side effects. Sniztop has the following EFSA permitted health claims: contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system (EFSA Journal, 7 (9): 1229) SnizTop is already a success story in include Canada, New Zealand, USA, Czech Republic where the product under their own local brands launched very successful. And introduces Davantis Health, in collaboration with the Swiss Stragen Pharma, the product on the Dutch and Belgian market. Benefits publishers: Large market - about 20% of population suffers from grass and pollen, dust mites or animal matter Little competition - almost no alternatives without side effects Encouraging higher order value - free shipping when you spend a minimum of two boxes SnizTop. When ordering 4 packs the buyer receives 13% discount.

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