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Stiply is an electronic signature solution, to have your contracts signed online. Clearly, that saves money and paper. With its clever features Stiply provides a much better signing experience to your customers, resulting in faster deal closing. Also it is possible to acquire a direct debit authorization from your (Dutch) signers. The combination of electronic signatures in combination with direct debit authorizations is unique. In the Stiply dashboard you will have a real-time overview of all sign requests, so you can track the progress of each transaction. Stiply supports no less than 9 languages and is completely white label so you can customize the signing process to your corporate identity. Why promote the affiliate campaign of Stiply? - As publisher you can earn € 5,- per trial account that gets created - Stiply has an excellent sales funnel and all leads will be followed up - When a trial account converts to a paying customer, you will receive an additional compensation of twice the monthly subscription fee of that customer. So when a customer with two users pays € 40 per user, you will receive € 80,-.

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Advantages of LinkPizza

After signing up for LinkPizza you won‘t have to sign up for any other network anymore. No more applying for programs or copying tracking links. Simply install our plugin once and you‘re done. Still not convinced? Check our available programs below.