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Verisure is providing the No.1 Alarm System in Europe with more than 2.000.000 customers. Our alarms are the most widely installed home security systems in Europe. A strong focus on quality and service means our Home and Business customers are among the most satisfied in the industry. Some of the features of our Alarm System include:Guard response Control from mobileSOS button Response in less than 45 secondsNo internet connection needed Lifetime product guarantee, 24/7 Technical ServiceImmediately after we receive a Lead an Agent from our Contact Center calls the prospect to book him an appointment with one of our Security Consultants. Our Agents usually call within one to two minutes after we’ve received the Lead and can book an appointment as early as the day after.A Security Consultant then visits the prospect and gives him a demo of the product. If he wants the alarm can be installed the same day.You will find Landing Pages, Emails, Banners and Logos to use in our creative section which have very high conversion rates and CTRs.Coverage We launched in UK 2 years ago and are planning to cover the whole country until end of 2017. You will find the exact list of the areas we cover in our terms and conditions in the part Lead Validation.Normal commission: £20 CPL and £100 per valid cashback sale Huge 50% increase in CPL running for the month of June £30 per lead but with a minimum requirement of one booking (an appointment with one of our security consultants).This means that if you generates 5 leads for ex. and at least 1 of them transforms into a booking (an appointment with one of our security consultant) you will get 5x£30= £150 commission! If your leads are valid but don’t generate any booking you will still get the standard £20 per Lead.Cashbackers are excluded from this promotion as it is only on a lead basis.

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