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Vuurwerkmania is a new brand and has its own formula with only one target: changing the market with extreme fireworks and insane prices. Vuurwerkmania contains all the ingredients you need: roughness, emotion, spectacle, innovation, design and a destroying speed. We want to be the one looking ahead, the rebel among the rest. To make everyone crazy with our fireworks is what we work for and why we exist. You’ll see this in everything. Vuurwerkmania contains a smoking hot assortment with the roughest fireworks. Our products are known for their quality, just great fireworks for amazing customers. The price is clear: clean prices for fireworks which are worth the money. The price of our fireworks is below our competitors. Buying fireworks and take away Fireworks sales can be throughout the year in the Netherlands but you can only pick it up the last three days of the year. The fireworks are sold through and is collected via our Vuurwerkmania Dealers, a national network of local fireworks stores. Meanwhile, a significant portion of these stores are online and available via The coming weeks more stores will follow! The end of every month, the publisher who sent through the most conversions will get a free firework packet.

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