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Weight Watchers Online Weight Watchers Online: the most efficient and flexible feeding program ever. The new Weight Watchers Online is based on recent scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition and focuses on how our body processes food to thereby successfully lose weight. The online plan offers more than 600 recipes and more than 50 workout demos, interactive tools and a personalized schedule. The new WeightWatchers Online is based on the recent scientific knowledge Product: It is 1 product: Weight Watchers Online! There is not reimbursed for the offline courses, but you can not book online, so this does not come at the expense of your sales! All Mail parties should first contact the utterance to consult with Weight Watchers. For this you can contact: beauty.nl@daisycon.com. Offer creatives •Textlinks •JPEG & GIF banners •Flashbanners Additional information •Cookietime: 30 days •Prepaymentprogram: no •Deeplinking: no •Productfeed: no Remaining: Target group: mainly women Voucher codes: on request Paid to click / loyalty programs are not allowed. Weight Watchers is open to suggestions, proposals and customized deals. Please contact us, you can take contact with beauty.nl@daisycon.com. - Keyword policy : De keyword policy is closed - Retargeting is not permitted - iFramen is not permitted - Cookiedropping / direct linking is not permitted - Facebook Ads and newsfeed is not allowed.

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