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Zoef.com is the largest rental website in the Netherlands. If you can not find it on Zoef.com there is a very good chance that it is not for rent. By bringing together different companies on one site we also have nationwide coverage and we can offer competitive transport rates. Categories: We have a wide range in the following categories: • Themes (carnival, Halloween, Weddings, Children etc. • Parties and Events (from Furniture, Party Tents, cutlery to air cushions, clothing, taps and bars, heaters and much more) • Picture and Sound (projectors, televisions, monitors, computers, speakers, DJ equipment, and more) • Transport (limousines, wedding cars, roof boxes and ski boxes) • Sports and leisure (sports equipment to games) • Individuals and services (from drivers to hostesses) • Healthcare (all kinds of products for home care) Conversion Method: Visitors can rent straight away or request quotations for 1 item or service or for multiple items at once time. Approval Method: We offer a commission for every approved rental and every approved quote. Please note: This is for every approved quote, not just the request for a quote. Exclusion from the program: The following categories may not yet be included in this campaign. The quotes for these categories will not receive a fee. 1 The following categories and products in Transportation • Trailers • Cars • Vans • Boats • Campers and caravans 2 The following categories and products and services in Individuals • Artists 3. The entire category Houses and Storage

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