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Emerce first place top 100 best influencer marketing agency

LinkPizza # 1 influencer marketing agency in the Emerce 100

This week the fifteenth edition of the Emerce 100 appeared. The best companies of 2020 in the e-business were chosen. The list is based on image research by the company Motivaction among 868 companies. LinkPizza has a shared first place with five stars in the new category of influencer marketing agencies. Our platform received the best score for reliability and we are of course extremely proud of that.

We would like to thank all influencers, brands and agencies we have worked with in recent years for their confidence! We see this number 1 spot as confirmation that we are on the right track with our understanding of influencer marketing. Our score on reliability in particular: a great compliment in a still complicated and elusive form of marketing. 

Want to know more about influencer marketing via LinkPizza? Watch a short introduction or feel free to contact us via chat on our website or by phone: +31 (0) 20 244 1010.

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