5 tips for writing a successfull pitch

5 tips for writing a successful pitch

When your website or socials are approved at LinkPizza, you can pitch on the available campaigns from brands. But how do you write a good pitch and what do brands want you to write? These 5 tips will help you pitch more substantively, so that you will eventually receive more collaborations. 

1. The match

What is the match between you and the brand? Why are you a match made in heaven? Describe not only why you fit well with the brand, but especially whether the brand fits well with your followers. Ultimately, they are the ones you need to inspire or activate with your content. In addition, let them know why you are enthusiastic about a collaboration. For example, have you been a fan of the brand for years?

2. Approach

Some brands have already mapped out their campaign from start to finish, but most brands are also open to creativity! You know best what works for your followers, so they also like to hear how you would prefer to use your content. So make sure you always come up with an approach for the content you are going to post.

In addition, think about what kind of content you can deliver and through which channels. For example, do you place an Instagram post and Story or also a Facebook post? And if you write a blog, how will you promote it? Also think of Pinterest for example! This visual search engine can send a lot of traffic to your blog posts. 

3. Speed of delivery

Indicate when you plan to deliver. For example: “After approval I could deliver within 3 days.” Also pay close attention to the deadline, which is stated at the bottom of the campaign briefing!

4. Expectation management

With your pitch you indicate how many views or interactions (likes and comments) you expect on your delivered content in the first month after placement. It is important to make a realistic estimate; the advertiser is counting on this. For a realistic estimate, look, for example, at the number of views or interactions of similar (paid) posts on your channels. Make sure you look at the numbers that were achieved in the first month.

5. Extra’s

Do you have additional things that could be interesting for the brand? Mention them! Consider, for example, visual material that the advertiser receives and may use from you afterwards.

Want to get started right away? View current campaigns and pitch on campaigns that fit well with your channels.

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