Determing the rate of your blogpost

How do I determine what my blog post is worth?

Every blog post is different. The topic, target audience, the blog itself and reach are factors that can differ per blog post. When you reach the point where you want to collaborate with advertisers on your blog, determining the value of a blog post is important. For example, you can use average statistics to arrive at the right price, so that you do not have to start calculating per blog post to set a new price for each article. But what factors do you take into account? And are these only related to your blog and blog post?

Blog Entrepreneur

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Or as a hobbyist who writes for pleasure and happens to earn some pocket money? Regardless of how you see yourself, as a blogger you can certainly see yourself as an entrepreneur. After all, you run a website, people depend on your content and you can earn money from it.

By seeing yourself as an entrepreneur, you can ask yourself what you would like to earn per hour. But take into account the payment of taxes, your pension fund, insurance and other costs. The amount that you have in mind as an hourly rate is therefore not entirely for yourself.

Be realistic when determining your hourly rate. As a starting blogger you ask less than if you have blogged for years. That does not mean that you should work for € 20 an hour and price yourself out of the market in this way. Do you not want to go too high with your hourly rate? Start from the minimum wage and add the costs to this.

Your hourly rate is the starting point for determining the value of the blog post you have written. Suppose you go for an hourly rate of € 50 and you expect to work for 2 hours for a blog article. Then the starting rate is € 100 excluding VAT for a blog. On top of those 100 euros there are other factors that play a role in it. 

Tip: also consider a rate for placing a press release or an article that the advertiser delivers themselves. This can be a standard rate, which may be lower than the rate for when you write it yourself. After all, you have less work on it. Make sure that this content and the tone of voice suits your blog.

Your website

Within your website there are a number of factors that determine the price that you can ask the advertiser for a collaboration.

Quality and relevance of your blog

How qualitative is the content you write, how qualitatively does your website look and how relevant are you to the target audience of the advertiser? An important concept associated with this is a niche. If your target group is smaller because you focus on a specific target group, it is more likely that the person reading the article is actually interesting for the advertiser. You may therefore ask more money for this than writing for a very broad target group where it is more unclear to the advertiser whether his desired target group is reached.


An important measure of quality and relevance is the engagement between you as a blogger and your visitors or followers. This engagement can take place on social media, but also on the blog itself as comments below the article. Engagement is an indicator of the value of influence that you as a blogger have on your target audience. But it does not say everything: if you do not receive reactions on social media or on the blog article, this does not mean that no visitors are forwarded to the advertiser’s website, that no sales from these visitors take place on the advertiser’s website or that you haven’t inspired anyone.


The statistics of your website are also important. How many unique visitors do you have per month and how often are your blog articles read? The number of blog articles (page views) read is always higher than the number of unique visitors. The more often the article is read, the better for the advertiser. So you can ask for more money! In addition, you can also include other statistics to determine the value of your blog post. Consider, for example, the average time spent on the blog post. This gives an indication of whether the article is read completely or whether they drop out after a cursory scan. The bounce percentage can also be a good indicator to know how high the relevance is for the target group.

Tip: you can’t always know in advance which topics suit your target group well. It is important to test this and see how different topics work out within the statistics. Viewing and evaluating statistics is of great importance here, because otherwise you will miss out on these insights. If you miss out you cannot further optimize your blog. 

SEO technical good Blogs

Besides the influence you can have on your followers, you can also have a certain influence on Google. How good is your website SEO technically? Are you quickly indexed by Google, do you get top 5 positions within search engines and can you rank on important words for the advertiser with the article? Then you have more value for the advertiser than if this is not the case. Also take your MOZ score into account, which is an important part of your SEO activities.

Do you find it difficult to determine a price based on your Domain Authority? Based on data from previous collaborations, we have compiled a table for you with prices that you can use as a guideline. Keep the above factors in mind when setting your price.


What extras can you offer an advertiser or does the advertiser expect you to offer? Do you post the blog article once or more times on one or more social media channels? Or will you include it in the upcoming newsletter? You can also translate the extra reach and extra work into your rate for a blog article.

Reading tip >> 6 Tips for a good pitch!

Do you use LinkPizza for collaborations with advertisers? Always mention within your pitch that you will post the article on social media or include it in the newsletter, if this is the case. This way you give more value to the amount you ask and the possible cooperation.

Instagram collaborations

It can be difficult to determine your price for a post on Instagram. This depends on various factors. What is your average commitment? Do you have a high engagement percentage and do you interact with your followers a lot? Then your post is worth more to the advertiser. You can also propose to promote your post extra in your story. Also mention this in your pitch, to motivate your price to the advertiser. 

Do you give a discount on your blog?

By taking all the above factors into account in determining the rate of your blog post, and thus the value of it, you are probably asking for a decent price. Why would you still give a discount? There are a number of reasons:

  • If it concerns a combination cooperation, where you not only receive a fixed amount, but also a shop credit, gift voucher, product or other compensation. Make sure you receive at least at the same value!
  • If an advertiser purchases several deals from you; for example spread over a year. This way you now have the certainty of this collaboration and it is possible to give a discount.
  • If you have not been blogging that long and you like to build a portfolio with advertisers; this way you will have success cases to show to upcoming advertisers.

However, always keep in mind that your chosen rate is there for a reason and that you do not deviate greatly from this. This is how you start working under your value and that is what you want to prevent. So be aware of your worth, but also look at which partnerships it is wise to invest something yourself.

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