How to earn money as an influencer by using LinkPizza

How to earn money as an influencer by using LinkPizza

Are you an online creator and do you reach an interesting group of people with your blogs or social posts? Then brands would like to work with you if you share the same target group. You know better than anyone how to make content for your followers and so they are happy to collaborate with you to get their brand or product in the spotlight.

LinkPizza helps influencers with collaborations from beautiful brands and vice versa. As an influencer at LinkPizza you can expect the following:

  • Collaborate with cool brands based on an (affiliate) fee and / or product
  • Receive email alerts from relevant campaigns or be invited by advertisers
  • Your media kit(s) will be visible to potential advertisers
  • Automatic affiliate links on your website by using our plugin (or script) or create affiliate links manually for your socials
  • We arrange the billing; you no longer have to send invoices.

How do I register?

Signing up as an influencer is completely for free! You can then add your website or socials to your account step by step. You will automatically receive a media kit for each channel you add in LinkPizza. This is your business card for advertisers and therefore extremely important to have it filled in as completely as possible. You will go through the following steps:

  1. Link your channel: this will retrieve statistics to keep your media kit and assignment results up-to-date
  2. Add demographic data
  3. Select which products (collaboration options) you offer, enter your average asking price and estimate how many views or interactions you expect on average during a collaboration.
  4. Check which categories suit your content best.
  5. Provide clear descriptions, check your screenshot and upload your logo.
  6. Does your channel meet our conditions? Apply for approval!

After you have applied for approval, we will review your channel on our quality requirements. Has your channel been approved? Then you will receive mail alerts of new campaigns you can pitch on.

How does a collaboration work?

There are two options to collaborate in LinkPizza: you pitch on a campaign yourself or be selected and invited by a brand. When pitching you respond to a campaign briefing. You provide a short motivation, your asking price and an estimate of the reach you expect to achieve. Have you been invited yourself? Then the advertiser immediately makes a price proposal and you can accept, refuse or make a counter offer.

Has your pitch been accepted or have you agreed to an invitation? Then you go through a number of phases:

  1. Creation: you deliver a preview (note: the content will not be yet live) for feedback
  2. Delivery: after approval of the preview, you put the content live and deliver a final
  3. Invoicing: the final version is approved and you will be paid automatically at the end of the month once the bill is paid by the advertiser.

How do I earn based on affiliate?

Many influencers use affiliate marketing to get extra income from their websites or socials. How does it work? By posting affiliate links to affiliate brands, you receive a fee if someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. For example: you make a post about a curling iron where you link to the webshop. If someone makes a purchase via your link, you will receive a percentage on the order amount.

LinkPizza works with a number of major affiliate networks. Once your account has been approved for affiliate, you can get started on an affiliate basis. You can create affiliate links in two ways:

  1. Automatically: install our plugin or script on your website and it will automatically convert existing links on your website into affiliate links if it is an affiliate advertiser.
  2. Manual: check via the Tools page whether a link can become an affiliate link and create it via the link shortener. Share your short link with your followers and receive commission.

Have you become enthusiastic and don’t have an account yet? Register quickly and work with great brands in no time! Questions? Feel free to send us a message via the chat function! The button is at the bottom right of your screen.

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