Affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers many creators an accessible way to make money with their content. Some of LinkPizza’s users are already enthusiastically making use of this, but there are still plenty of creators who are not aware of the opportunities and therefore missing out on money. That is why we would like to explain what affiliate marketing actually is and how you too can profit from it. 

How does affiliate marketing work?  

Most brands offering their products or services online provide an affiliate or partner program. As a creator you can sign up for them. Once admitted you can start promoting such a brand using affiliate links. For example, you can write a review about one of their products and refer to the brand in your blog via an affiliate link. Placing such a link on Instagram is possible via your swipe-up and on YouTube via the video description.

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to trigger your followers into buying a product as a result of your post via your affiliate link. As soon as an order is placed via this link, you will receive a fee as a reward for your promotion. A brand can see exactly which sales shall be realized where via those affiliate links. Your reward is often a percentage of the order amount.

Many people refer to the income of affiliate marketing as ‘passive income’. That’s because you can earn money with it when on vacation for example.  Blogs and YouTube videos can still gain high traffic after months or even years, and if your content is convincing enough, those purchases will keep coming.

Affiliate marketing made easy

LinkPizza offers various affiliate tools that you can use as a LinkPizza user. We as LinkPizza work together with the biggest affiliate networks such as Bol, Awin and Daisycorn. By signing up your channels into our platform you get instant access to all the affiliate programs which we manage. This platform gives access to nearly 5,000 brands which you can promote on an affiliate basis. You no longer have to sign up for each program separately and can create affiliate links to share through your channels from a single place. On our Tools page, use the link checker to see if a link is connected and then use the link shortener to turn it into an affiliate link. Want to see directly in Google which websites you can promote? Then install the Chrome extension.

To make it even easier, we developed our own LinkPizza script that you can install on your own website. This will check every link on your website to see if it has an affiliated program. If that’s the case, it will automatically turn it into an affiliate link. Easy as that! A big advantage of this script is that the affiliate link is only created after the click. As a result, you will not see an affiliate link when you hover your mouse over it and the link will always remain active. Even when a brand switches to another affiliate network. You can easily install the Link Pizza script or the WordPress plug-in by adding your website in LinkPizza and then linking it together.

Share the LinkPizza love

LinkPizza also has a referral program via which we would like to reward you for new and valuable registrations. This way you can register other influencers via your personal link.

As soon as they register, their channels or actively starts with an affiliate, you will receive a reimbursement of up to 25 euros per creator. Another option is to register a brand. For example, does a brand want to work with you? Then you can run this via LinkPizza and earn a maximum reimbursement of 85 euros per brand. Read more about the conditions in our Referral Program.

Hopefully, with this blog, we’ve gotten you excited to get started with affiliate marketing! Still need help? Feel free to send us a message via chat. The chat button can be found at the bottom right of your screen.


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