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Tim’s experiences with increasing sales or reach

Tim Lommerse, editor-in-chief at, has experience with both sides of LinkPizza. The platform focuses on two parties: brands and content creators. Tim wrote a review with the pros and cons for both parties.

Companies (advertisers) can use LinkPizza to find relevant publishers and influencers to promote their brand. On the other hand, the platform helps publishers and influencers to generate income by facilitating relevant content campaigns and affiliate marketing. Tim has been active for a while as a publisher with various websites and channels and also ran a number of campaigns as an advertiser.

LinkPizza brings together affiliate, content and influencer marketing

In his review he writes about his experiences with the LinkPizza plugin for automatic affiliate links. He also explains how you can earn even more as a publisher by responding to relevant campaigns. To highlight the advertiser’s side, he explains how you can easily and quickly receive proposals from publishers and influencers who are willing to promote your brand.

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The effectiveness of nano to mega influencers

Are you going to start with influencer marketing, but don’t know which type of influencer is best for your business and goals? LinkPizza conducted research on the effectiveness of influencers...