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CPM based collaborations

With CPM-based collaborations, you define your goal and desired compensation before the collaboration starts. After 28 days, you submit your statistics and receive your compensation based on the results achieved. Upon full achievement of your target, you will receive the full agreed payment. Are you just below this target? Then the percentage achieved will be paid out. This method is known as Cost per Mille (CPM), or a price agreement based on 1,000 views.

Discover the power of the CPM earning model and increase your revenue. Set a more ambitious goal and challenge yourself to achieve it so that you can earn more. CPM is a common and effective form of compensation, allowing brands to maximise their marketing budget and you to benefit.

Why CPM based influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the most successful marketing method to give brands and products authentic exposure and build consumer trust. However, many companies are in the dark when starting with influencer marketing. What can they expect for what budget?

LinkPizza therefore enables CPM based partnerships where influencers and brands agree in advance on the maximum budget and a target for the number of views (on a CPM basis). Through these agreements, all parties know exactly where they stand.

View performance

Charlotte 75%
Yordi 50%
Randy 67%
Linda 85%
Lieke 100%

Suitable channels for CPM influencer marketing.

  1. Pitch: when you apply for a CPM campaign, include four points in your pitch: your bid, number of views to be achieved, deliverables and, of course, your motivation.
  2. Price negotiation: negotiate the final compensation and number of views with the advertiser.
  3. Previews: submit previews for review.
  4. Finals: after approval of the previews, place the content and submit the finals. As soon as the first content is placed, the 28 days start.
  5. Statistics: submit your statistics within 28 days. This may be earlier, especially if you have already achieved the agreed number of views.
  6. Payment: as soon as the statistics are submitted, your compensation is calculated on the basis of the number of views achieved and the agreed CPM. At the end of the collaboration, you will be paid according to the results achieved.

CPM Performance channels

Suitable channels for CPM influencer marketing.

Wat is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, or cost per 1,000 views. Advertising on a CPM basis, is setting a target (views) and budget (€) per 1,000 views of the post.

“I was writing about cool brands anyway, and now
I get paid for it too.”


Angelique Vlieg


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Performance deals are deals with advertisers where it is agreed in advance how many views you expect to achieve and the amount you will receive when this number is reached.
You can deliver the views over a period of 28 days. The views can be achieved using multiple deliveries (posts, reels, etc) within those 28 days, starting from the first post. You discuss the maximum fee, the number of views and the type of deliveries during the negotiation phase.

Once you submit your statistics on the 28th day, then the calculation is made, or you have already achieved your views earlier. As soon as the invoice is paid by the advertiser, it will appear on your payout balance.

Note! You can submit your statistics at any time. If you have already achieved your views. Then submit your statistics immediately. Then it will also get on your payout balance sooner.

After the first delivery is live (final), the 28 days start. Within that time, the other deliveries must also be live to count towards the collaboration.

Yes, both things to be approved by the advertiser first.

Once you realise you’re not going to get the views. Then you can ask if you can do more posts? Once that is approved, then you get the option to put multiple deliveries in the platform. Those will then also count.

If you don’t do that within the 28 days, you will receive your compensation after ratio of CPM.

It is currently not possible to make appointments based on sales, as it is difficult to measure this properly and is not possible for all customers.

Yes, you can negotiate the amount you want to receive per view (thousand views). It is only a final deal once you and the advertiser agree to the deal.

Yes/No, there can be a combination campaign of CPM with affiliate links in your posts. So you can use affiliate links during the collaboration and therefore get higher compensation. This revenue runs as long as the post is live with the link.

The influencer always gets paid according to the results achieved. So you can also bet higher than your average number of views to earn extra. Through extra content, the influencer is in charge of generating more views to reach the target and thus the maximum compensation.