As an advertiser you can buy unique content from our publishers. This exclusive content is written specifically for you and published their media channels. This to provide you with quality traffic and a higher brand recognision. Work together with our influencers, publishers and bloggers to take your brand to the next level.

Why content marketing:

  • Create unique stories
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Sincere interest in you product or service
  • Social media buzz
  • Traffic en sales
  • Measurable increase in traffic and sales
  • SEO - possitive influence on your ranking

Start straight away

Start and manage a campaign

Start a content campaign. Decide on the goal, conditions and which publisher channels are allowed. Approve content before publication

Select publishers

Choose your publishers from the received pitches based on their MediaKit and reach.

Negotiate the price and pay after placement

Make an offer or receive one from the publisher to join your campaign. Select publishers based on the amount you think the reach and quality is worth. After consent the publisher will start writing. Only pay after delivery.

Measure the result

Measure the results after placement, the platform automatically track statistics after the content is delivered. Gain insight into the views, reads (views longer than 15 seconde), clicks and/or sales.