Branded and native content really works! On LinkPizza you collaborate with influential publishers and bloggers who will elevate your brand. Why work with influentials?

For branded and native content marketing you choose to either create a campaign, or select publishers prior to starting your campaign.

Campagne starten

Start a public campaign for which publishers can pitch. Publishers will provide a pitch and bid for publishing your content on their website.

Select publishers

Select publishers through our marketplace and offer what you want to spend on publishing your content. Publishers can be selected based on data in their MediaKit.

What will you get

Working with publishers for content marketing results in high quality authentic content. The content will be shared with your intended target audience and converts in valuable views, clicks and eventually sales. Collaborate with influencers for:

  • Branding
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Sincere interest in you product or service
  • Social media buzz
  • Traffic en sales
  • SEO

What will it cost

Signing up, creating a campaign and selecting publishers are free. Initial cost are low because you pay per publication. We receive a small percentage of the campaign budget as a fee for handling facturation and administration.

For whom

Our advertisers can be defined as:

  • Brands - Advertisers who want to communicate a certain brand
  • Media agencies - Agencies advising companies and helping them to connect to their target audiences

Signup for free and create a campaign or find publishers. Or read up on how to start.

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