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Pay only for results: No Cure, No Pay

Why performance based influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the most successful marketing method to promote brands and products in an authentic way and to build consumer trust. However, many companies are in the dark when they start with influencer marketing. What can you expect for what budget?

LinkPizza therefore enables performance-based collaborations where influencers and brands make agreements about a maximum budget and a target for the number of views. All parties know exactly what to expect and as a brand you have less risk by only paying for the number of views achieved. There is also a chance that your targets will be largely exceeded for the maximum budget set.

By working based on views, which are often better measurable than sales, we minimize disappointing results and create sustainable partnerships between companies and influencers. A win-win situation for both parties! In addition, influencers are extra motivated when they have made an ambitious proposal.

How does it work?

  1. Campaign launch: creating and sending a campaign briefing targeting a specific audience
  2. Influencer proposals: influencers come up with a price proposal, including price per view and a maximum number of views per collaboration.
  3. Content delivery: the influencer provides a preview for review and after approval the content goes live
  4. Influencer selection: choose the most suitable influencers for your brand, target audience and budget
  5. Price negotiation: negotiate the final prices and deliverables with the influencer
  6. Statistics: the statistics on the content, such as views, is measured for 28 days
  7. Payment: pay for the views achieved within the period, but never more than the previously agreed maximum amount

View performance

Charlotte 75%
Yordi 50%
Randy 67%
Linda 85%
Karsten 100%

CPM Performance channels

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Performance deals are deals with influencers where it is agreed in advance how many views an influencer expects to achieve and the amount the influencer will receive when this number is achieved.

Over a period of 28 days, views can be delivered. The views can be achieved using multiple deliveries (posts, reels, etc). The maximum compensation, the number of views and the type of deliverables will be discussed during the negotiation phase.

No, as soon as more views are obtained than agreed upon, you pay the maximum price agreed upon in the negotiation. If more views are obtained than have been agreed upon, it is to the advertiser’s advantage.

Yes, we apply a minimum fee of €0,02 per view, this amounts to a CPM of €20.

As an advertiser, you don’t pay until the results and therefore the statistics are delivered.

After the first deliverable went live, the 28 days start. Within that time, the other completions must also be live to count toward the deal.

Yes, you always receive a preview first that you can give feedback on, and only after approval does the content go live.

As many as you want. The number of collaborations depends on the budget you have available. You will know in advance if the budget is sufficient.

Yes, you can negotiate the number of views and the price per view. It is only a final deal once you and the influencer agree to the deal.

Yes, you can negotiate the amount you want to pay per view. It is only a final deal once you and the influencer agree to the deal within the platform.

No, not at this time (yet). But the influencer can use affiliate links during the collaboration if you have an affiliate program.

The influencer always gets paid according to the results achieved. So you can also bet higher than your average number of views to earn extra. Through additional content, the influencer is in charge of generating more views to reach the goal and thus the maximum compensation.

It is not currently possible to make appointments based on sales, as it is difficult to measure this properly and is not possible for all customers.

“At LinkPizza, you get professional help to get the most out of your influencer campaign.”

Sander Vessies

CEO Giftomatic