Black Friday deal

for Heineken

Heineken case campaign
Heineken case


“Help us to promote the merchandise items in the Heineken store before Black Friday.”


A high-speed campaign from Heineken: three days before Black Friday they posted the briefing in our platform. Normally reaching a reasonable number of influencers in such short time is a huge job, unless you use LinkPizza.

On the LinkPizza platform you can choose to receive pitches from our influenceres. This means you will quickly receive creative proposals from our influencers. You just have to approve them!


Target campaign

Unbelievably fast

Because of the operation of the platform

Briefing, consultation, delivery and payment

All within the LinkPizza platform 


After 24 hours:
56 pitches

Creative proposals

After 48 hours:
18 articles online

Written by influencers

Within 24 hours, Heineken received 56 pitches from our influencers. Within 48 hours, 18 articles went online about Heineken’s Black Friday deals with links to the webshop.

One platform, contact with 50+ influencers. Simple, quick and effective.
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