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“Help us to raise awareness for the new platform ‘Living inspiration from Karwei’.”


In no time, Karwei received 75 proposals from influencers at their briefing. The conditions: minimum Domain Authority of 20 and active in the field of ‘Shopping’ and ‘Home & Garden’. Out of them 25 influencers were chosen from those who had a good proposal and a good reach among the desired target group.

The communication with the influencers, the settlement and the insights into the results are all facilitated via the LinkPizza platform.


Target campaign

75 proposals

number of influencers who responded

25 articles

chosen and published articles




9.900 reads

views of 15 seconds or longer 

Domain Autority: 30,3


25 beautiful articles with the best Karwei interior inspiration, including links to In the dashboard of LinkPizza Karwei can follow the real-time results of the Home inspiration campaign.

25% of the number of views was measured in the first 30 days, 75% of the reach took place thereafter. The range is still increasing to this day.

Long-term effect: one year after placement, the articles still deliver traffic.

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