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“Help increase awareness for our campaign site and for donating blood.

Give Sinterklaas a gift of vital importance, donate blood! “


Sinterklaas has a lot of wish lists in his big book. However, he cannot give many people and children what they would most like and need the most: new blood.

To draw attention to this campaign, Sanquin deployed widely: websites, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Influencers shared the personalized videos (which they made themselves on the website) and posted links to it.

Effectiveness was measured using UTM codes.

Awareness & traffic to the website

Target campaign

Campaign booster

Good start for viral content




189.000 video views


18.500 website views


4.900 interactions

Shares, comments and likes


In addition to your own socials, Adwords or banners, the use of influencers is a powerful way to boost your campaign. Many of our influencers were happy to cooperate to give this organization the attention it deserved. With 189,000 video views it was a succes.

Our influencers reinforced the online campaign and acted as a flywheel for the viral videos

De Speld
Britt Scholte

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