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123tijdschrift.nldaisycon.comProgram Description All Dutch magazines, newspapers and magazines offer their complete range of subscriptions through 123tijdschrift. We guarantee consumers the lowest price and the best helpdesk. - Largest range in magazine and newspaper subscriptions - Subscriptions also available as gifts - Established brand in subscription country - Rapid approvol of transactions - Cookie Time 30 days - Promotional material is tailored to the target audience - Product feed available and up-to-date - Special actions with Santa Claus, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. - Ability to deploy action and discount codes Webshop Description has more than 500 offers and more than 400 titles and is the largest online newsstand in the Netherlands. provides all means to sell successfully. Magazines, newspapers and journals In combination with the high fees has ensured that within a short time has become one of the most popular affiliate programs in the Netherlands. Customer benefits at - More than 500 subscriptions of over 400 titles - Lowest price guarantee and fast delivery - Many titles that you find only - Subscriptions in all areas of interest - Regular new titles - Optimal customer support and call customer service to our customers Target Description Given the wide range of the brand is appealing to a wide audience. This is not only because of the most popular newspapers and magazines titles offered but also for niches such as food, travel, children and sports we offer interesting subscriptions. Sales without a valid account number can not be processed and for this reason
123Wonendaisycon.com123Wonen is a national housing agency with 26 offices in the Netherlands now specialized in rental homes. With this campaign we want to attract new landlords (people who want to let their house). These landlords vary from property owners who are unable to sell their house and want to let their house for a temporary period or concern professional property owners with several houses. We want to get in touch with these landlords. Please note that the campaign is explicitly not intended to acquire tenants. (people who are looking to rent a home) A good lead for us is a filled in contact form at We always call with the prospect within 24 hours of generation of the lead. If we get in touch with the prospect and the prospect has actually a property for rent (now or in the future), we will approve the lead shortly after this. There are 800,000 private rental properties in the Netherlands. On average, the typical Dutchman moves to another house every seven year. Therefor more than 100,000 homes annually are available for rent. A good opportunity to start a succesfull affiliate
247autoverkopen.nldaisycon.com247 Auto verkopen was created specifically for consumers who are selling a car and find it to be quite a hassle. We help consumers achieve a better deal in the sale of a car, then the existing trade proposal they already received and provide free buying advice. Many consumers find it difficult to negotiate. By signing up their car, they can make use of our services. We find a new good price for the seller and link it back. This way the negotiation process for the consumer is eliminated as we take over the negotiations with the buyers. Once a price has been achieved, this is also guaranteed. The consumer may then indicate whether they wish to sell the car for the proposed amount. When the consumer plans to swap a car, we can, in over 80% of cases ensure that they can achieve a better deal through us. Because we assist consumers during the negotiation process they typically save hundreds if not a few thousand dollars when purchasing a new car. Why a consumer would choose us? - The service is free - 100% secure - Direct money and safeguard - Better deals than normal trade - Your information will remain anonymous - Free advice for all your car related questions - 247autoverkopen negotiates for you - Easy settlement - Three day grace period - National coverage - No people at the door, so no
24Mandaisycon.com24man is Europe's market leader for shapewear and waist trainers for men and women. We have our own labels, Perfectbodyman and Perfectbodywoman. The past two years we have had an annual growth of 250%. Key factor for this rapid growth are our customer-oriented approach and quick service. We distinguish ourselves with a high conversion rate on our website in conjunction with a high commission for the publisher. We receive many conversions / a high conversion rate from mobile devices, which makes our program very suitable for mobile promotors. (Bloggers and instagrammers). In short: - Very suitable for mobile promotion - Excellent publisher commission - High conversion rate for website and promotions - Active program management and rapid approval of transactions - Comprehensive product feed - Plenty of banner material - Next day delivery on orders before 11:00pm - Free shipping and returns - "Webshop Keurmerk" (Trustmark)
24Pharma (BE)daisycon.com24Pharma is an online pharmacy/drugstore with over 4 years experience in the online branche. Customer service and satisfaction are priority, which is why they have over 5000 positive reviews and an average score of 9 out of 10. They can be reached online through chat, mail and phone. On top of that, everything ordered before 16h00 is delivered the next day, even on Saturday. Free shipping starting from € 39 in Belgium and € 49.90 in the
2call.nldaisycon.comDescription has been active in the online telecom market since 2002. Because of good purchasing, customers can always expect low prices. In addition, the board has experience in the telecom industry since 1994 and applies this expertise to help Customers 2call goes to extremes to provide the best possible service for his clients. - All orders placed before 16:00 arrive the very next day. - Furthermore, 99% of the range is available from stock. - 2call is one of the cheapest providers. Obviously 2call has all five providers (Telfort, KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange) in the range, together with all popular cell phone brands. Website On the homepage there are regularly changing specials, while the rest of the site is user friendly that it is possible to place an order very easily. Affiliates Besides an attractive compensation there are several banners with different types of offers. Do you have a specific preference for a particular type of banner (Lady phones / simonlys / etc.)? Let us know, then we will quickly arrange this for you. Furthermore, all transactions updated every two weeks so you are assured of a fast is the online specialist for home accessories for design and gifts. The webshop offers a wide range of home accessories from noted brands for the stylish design of house, kitchen, office, bathroom, table sets, toilet and garden. From ashtrays to soap dispensers, waste containers up to sugar sprinklers. The atmospheric fireplaces, coffee- and teaccessoires as well as wine- and bar accessories complete the choice for a comprehensive interior design with stainless steel accessories. A large part of customers' purchases serves as a gift, the products perfectly fit that purpose. stands out with a selective range of top brands in home accessories such as Blomus, Eva Solo, Georg Jensen, Jacob Jensen, Joseph Joseph, Menu, Simplehuman, Stelton, WMF and Zack. is also known for fast delivery thanks to its extensive inventory, customer satisfaction and high service quality. is Trusted Shops certified, which guarantees the customers' confidence. All products of all the offered brands can easily be found at thanks to clear product categories and by the quick search menu. Why - Large selection of premium brands and high-level design products - Large storage. Ordered before 17.00 PM = delivered the next day - Free shipping of orders above € 50 within the Netherlands and Belgium - Trusted Shops certified Promote the campaign and earn 7% commission on each sale. Take our promotional material prior to 20 November 2011 and get automatically included in the premium segment and receive a 10% standard commission per sale. The 5-CC B.V. wishes you good luck and a good income as a partner of! stands out with a selective range of top brands in home accessories. is also known for fast delivery thanks to its extensive inventory, customer satisfaction and high service quality. is Trusted Shops certified, which guarantees the customers' confidence. All products of all the offered brands can easily be found at thanks to clear product
6dealsdaisycon.com6 unique daily deals, that's the essence of 6deals. The online platform where - in a clear and inspiring way - to find the best deals on the internet his lifestyle! The simple but distinctive look of the website with carefully chosen visuals, strengthens the 'what you see is what you get' principle where 6deals stands for. With the potential, ambition and talent to grow hard, 6deals plans to conquer a place in the market dagdeal stubbornly within a year! We are therefore looking for publishers who want to grow with us, thinking and sharing. So every day ... 6deals! - is a comparison site which Belgian consumers helps to achieve savings in the areas of telecom, internet and, energy. By showing the most current product and price offerings from all suppliers every month. In that way underlying differences become visible and, consumers can take full advantage of the competition between them. Choosing the best product with the most favorable price has never been so easy. 7 Reasons to choose! is the leading, objective and reliable partner when it comes to realizing savings for consumers. To guarantee the quality of service works closely with other organizations. All the advantages .. 1. Independent and impartial 2. Savings Guarantee 3. Free transfer service 4. Additional discounts 5. Free notification service 6. Easy way to compare 7. Expanding product
Alamodaisycon.comWith nearly 1500 locations Alamo Car Rental offers a worldwide network of car rental locations at popular travel destinations. With almost 2100 locations worldwide, Alamo offers a network with local car rentals on popular travel destinations. Alamo offers great prices, optimal service and a car which is maximum 9 months old. Is y our customer looking for a convertible in Italy, a SUV in Canada, a minivan in USA or a station wagon in Great Britten, than is Alamo the place to be. Alamo offers a interesting commission structure: deeplinken is possible for countries and cities to push the visitor right into the perfect booking process and the rise the conversion. If you wish: Alamo offers also a data feed for further integration. There is also a possibility to use a whitelabel option, this is in consultation. Register now for the affiliate program via Daisycon and generate more sales from your
Alamo (BE) daisycon.comATTENTION: SEA IS LIMITED. BIDDING ON BRAND NAME IS FORBIDDEN. With almost 2100 locations, car rental specialist Alamo offers you a worldwide network of locations for car rental in popular travel destinations. Alamo offers you sharp prices, an optimal service and cars that are max. 9 months old. Alamo offers an interesting commission structure. It is possible to deeplink to countries and cities guiding its visitors to the booking page at the right moment to increase conversions. also offers a datafeed if you want a further integration. You can even ask for a whitelabel option to be made. Sign in now for the Alamo affiliate program through Daisycon and make more conversions with your Belgian permits to anyone to compare and book a parking spot close to airports among a selection of parking in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In only 3 steps everyone can securely proceed to a parking reservation at the best price! With we can all go on holidays while saving money related to non-use car’s expenses parked at an airport. This new bargain let everyone travel with optimal condition while sparing money by benefiting from the best prices !
Alpha-Shopdaisycon.comWhy promote the affiliate program of Alpha-Shop? Alpha-Shop offers the highest quality refurbished and the best A-brand IT equipment at a very competitive price. Alpha-Shop focuses its procurement of commercial (leased) used IT equipment so the quality remains guaranteed. The combination of: • the sale of new and refurbished equipment • professional and personal advice • Standard 1 year warranty • free Windows installation • Contact the aftersales • a very competitive price for both the business and the private market, gives Alpha-Shop an edge over its
Amacdaisycon.comAmac is the largest Apple Premium Reseller with 47 stores in the Netherlands. With a full range of Apple products and a comprehensive range of accessories for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch , this is the place for all your Apple purchases and gifts. The team of Amac has the knowledge to answer your questions and advise you personally on the selection and purchase of a Mac, iPad , iPhone or other Apple product
Anna van Toordaisycon.comAnna van Toor is a ladies fashion retailer with 27 establishments in the Netherlands with a strong identity. The stores as well as the ANNA collection are stading for: femininity, pure, fresh, Dutch, honest, seduction, craftsmanship, flowers, quality and above all love for detail. In our stores and webshop you will find the latest collection well presented. There are constantly new items added, so you can mix and match items to suit your own taste. The collection in the webshop consists of our own brands and Anna and Anna
Apotheek Onlinedaisycon.comApotheek Online is one of Belgium’s biggest online pharmacies. With more than 40.000 products and over 350 brands, Apotheek Online delivers the entire range of pharmacy products and even more! Care products, beauty products, weight loss products, sun protection products, medicines, baby and pregnancy products, sexual products, products for pets and a lot more is here to find at Apotheek Online and this at very competitive prices! To make it as easy as possible for you, we not only provide product deeplinks and attractive banners but we also provide a complete XML feed of the entire online shop! This way you are assured to have the latest price and availability information! We offer free delivery for orders of more than €40. If the order is placed before 14h PM, orders will be delivered the next day. You can also expect special promotions on a regular base. Clients of Apotheek Online can also benefit from the unique loyalty program where extra discounts can be acquired by saving up loyalty points. We also reward the best affiliates, for example by giving an extra commission or special promotions that only you can communicate to your clients. If you have specific questions or concerns during the partnership, feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to look into how we can improve our combined efforts to improve the overall results!
Argan General Information specializes in Argan Oil. A 100% organic cosmetic for skin, hair and nails that are rapidly gaining popularity. Women are crazy. The powerful effect of this product combined with top service has made us the number 1 position in the categories of beauty and wellness, skin care and hair care at All this makes your ideal web partner! Your referrals will thank you. Your advantage as a publisher You will receive 30% of the order value (average between € 33, - and € 60. -). That is the highest percentage in the category "Health & Beauty" Daisycon. And there is more: We use Google Remarketing to which you refer visitors on their first visit have not bought back to our site. This means that visitors weeks see ads on sites that are connected to the Google ad network (more than 80% of all sites in the Netherlands which ads are shown). When your visitors click on one of these ads and ordered you will receive your commission yet. You provide us with more than 30 orders per month, we'll reward you as a premium partner by your commission increase to 35%! - your strong web partner The offer is exclusive and not in regular stores. We have virtually no returns. Orders are approved within a week. You will after a successful order is always your commission. We continuously optimize our webshop. With professional copy, design and multivariate testing to the best possible conversion rates to be achieved. Safe payment: via Extanded Validation SSL connection with iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, debit or COD. High customer satisfaction score of 9.6: Both our products and our service will be highly appreciated. Outstanding Customer Service by phone (local rate) and e-mail. Fast shipment: weekdays 19h00 ordered for next day delivery. More about Argan Oil Organic Argan Oil is a blessing for every skin, hair and nails. The unique composition (including vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids) makes this oil
Autobench.nldaisycon.comA car crate the best solution to safely transport dogs. The dog can’t jump to the front of the car like when he’s transported in a normal trunk. It’s also safe for the dog like a seat belt for the dog owner. It’s also a good way to protect the trunk of the car from teeth for longer rides. Transporting a dog in a car crate complies with European laws. So, to summarize, a car crate is safer for dogs and humans alike and keeps your car clean. has a large collection of car crates since 2012. For customers • When ordered before 4 PM, sent today • Free shipping from 35 euro • Personal advice: chatfunction and showroom Enter the affiliateprogramm from • 5% commission on products • Promotion through cashback is allowed • Productfeed
Autohopperdaisycon.comAutohopper is the no-nonsense car rental company in the Netherlands. With Autohopper you rent a luxurious car or van without any catches: what you see is what you get. Transparancy is one of the core values. The first Autohopper shop opened its doors in May 2011. Currently there are almost 100 shops across the country, which makes Autohopper the car rental company with the largest amount of shops in the Netherlands. In 2018 Autohopper even desires to grow to 138 shops. Over the years, there has been a huge increase in the number of online reservations (+70% each year) and conversion rate (+30% each year). The average order value is between € 100,- and € 110,-. Do you want to grow with Autohopper? is known as the most transparent car selling service in the Netherlands. Private cars, Lease companies, Car rental companies and Fleet owners are provided with a unique service to sell cars. With the years of experience in the Automotive world, Autovendi has managed to create a platform based on successful methods and cut out all the negatives. Because of that it’s more likable sellers want to use the method of Autovendi of selling cars. The big difference between their method and the ones of competitors is that the offer of Autovendi stands where other companies at first give an indication of what your car is worth. This logicaly creates more trust with the sellers and therefore creates more leads and sales. Because of the method of Autovendi they can easily compete with the big players in the Netherlands known from tv. To ensure our transparency, Autovendi automatically deletes so called “click and pay” publishers so that serious publishers are much more likely to get good CPL and CPS. Register for the program so you can help each other with achieving great
AVH Tuinmeubelendaisycon.comAVH-Outdoor Tuinmeubelen is the largest supplier of garden furniture in Zuid-Holland. We are dealer of many famous brands and also carry our own brand. We deliver throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We can deliver quickly because we have a large stock. Our warehouse is next to our showroom and several buses depart daily to deliver orders. All items are delivered free of charge by us. Join the affiliate program of AVH Outdoor Tuinmeubelen! We offer our partners: - Excellent commission - Average order value of € 600 per order - A well-connected in-house affiliate marketer who is open to new ideas. - Fast inspection term and quick payment We offer our customers: - 14 days money-back guarantee - Lowest price guarantee - Excellent customer reviews - Accessible online and offline (daily until 22:00) - Fast delivery by our own drivers Restrictions - E-mail marketing is only permitted after explicit approval of the relevant mailing by AVH Outdoor Garden Furniture. - E-mailers should only use e-mail addresses obtained via double opt-in. - Toolbars are not allowed. - Search engine marketing is permitted (SEA), provided that no purchase is done on brand name. "AVH-Outdoor", "AVH Outdoor Garden Furniture" and "" should be added as a negative keyword to the SEA campaign. Bidding on derivatives or spelling variants (misspellings) is not allowed. - Direct linking to from search engines is not allowed. - Paid mails and forced click systems are not allowed. - Iframes, PopUps, PopUnder's and / or Layers are not allowed. - It is not allowed to advertise on a website that contains pornographic, violent, racist / discriminating and / or drug related
AVS4Youdaisycon.comAVS4YOU features a complete line of software for digital audio, video, image and document processing. Founded in 2004, Online Media Technologies Ltd. is an IT high-tech company that specializes in developing innovative video and audio solutions for end-users and professional developers. Our award-winning products have earned high reputation among millions of users worldwide. AVS software will help you to convert between most known video formats: AVI, MPEG, DVD, WMV, 3GP, FLV & more, rip and burn videos to DVD or Blu-ray, create great home videos without expert video editing experience, add transitions, effects, titles and burn to DVD, edit video files without re-encoding, cut unwanted parts, convert and upload videos to Apple iPod, Sony PSP, Archos, Creative Zen, mobile phones, make backup copies of your CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, create ISO files, burn data discs with AVS Disc Creator, edit your audio collection, record audio data, convert between all popular audio formats, apply effects and filters. 35% CPS !!! Many banners
Babyslofje-online.nldaisycon.comNote: This campaign stops per August 5th, 2016. Baby is a shop specializing in baby booties. Over the years, many related items have been added, but Baby remains specifically focused on baby booties. We can now say that the online store Baby the largest offering in baby booties and baby shoes. Jose Chest is the founder and active in the field of online stores since 2002. After seven years of ownership of a babywebshop, she has now successfully focused on the baby market. Meanwhile, she has three shops: Baby, and offers everything within the field of sanitary ware for bathroom and toilet. With a wide range of baths, showers, basins, bathroom furniture, toilets, faucets and accessories is the shop for bathroom products. Badkamerwinkel distinguished itself by fast delivery of products from stock and competitive prices. Benefits of promotion - Assortment with over 50,000 items - Fast delivery of orders from our own warehouse - Up to 30% advantage in comparison with physical stores - Daily update from the product feed - Additional actions for the publishers / affiliate network - Rapid assessment of realized
Bagazoo (BE)daisycon.comThe largest bags shop in the Benelux! Nowhere in the Benelux, consumers can find such a wide range of bags, handbags, luggage and backpacks as available at Take advantage of commissions throughout the year: sales of luggage just before the holidays, school bags in August and September, fashion bags in the spring and autumn, gifts around Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, you name it: there is always a reason to promote Of course provides and makes appropriate promotions and discounts to boost sales and therefore also your commissions. is known for its excellent service: Always free delivery with no surprises to Belgium and the Netherlands. Everything is in stock, quick delivery, and a personal, warm after-sale service. Thanks to the best designer brands like: Guess, Kipling, Puma, Adidas, Diesel, Converse, Titan, Delsey and an ever growing range, is a great addition to your affiliate portfolio. Start promoting as of today, and start earning commissions!

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