Combine influencer and affiliate marketing for more revenue

Do you already get the best results from your blog, website or social media channels? Running a successful platform takes time and energy. The more you prefer to see your income increase via the platform. But did you know that it can be interesting to combine different online marketing channels (blog, website, social media)? Combine influencer and affiliate marketing for extra income!

Use various online marketing channels

Undoubtedly you are already deploying a number of online marketing channels, perhaps even unconsciously. Optimizing your texts on your website or blog results in better findability in search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization). The use of social media channels provides an exclusive look into your life, but also provides updates on what happens on the website. As a result, you get more followers, high engagement figures and more traffic on your website if you also link to this. These social media channels are also an online marketing channel.

Using your newsletter file to keep your followers up-to-date can fall under e-mail marketing. You see? Consciously or unconsciously, you are already doing more than you think!

Influencer and affiliate marketing

Influencers are increasingly being asked by webshops to use affiliate marketing. In some cases, it seems like you, as a blogger or website owner, have to make a choice: use influencer marketing or affiliate marketing. But nothing is less true.

The combination between influencer and affiliate marketing can actually provide extra income. Where you as an influencer receive a fixed amount for writing a blog article or posting a social media post, you can process affiliate links in the other unpaid articles and posts. In this way, you create an earnings model for every expression that you place. Advertisers who are also active through affiliate marketing encourage this. They are more often brought to the attention, you can earn more ánd you help your visitors to the right items that the blog article or social media post is about. Win-win-win situation.

Tip: do you already use the LinkPizza content marketplace to be able to write paid blog posts more often?

Are you going to combine influencer marketing and affiliate marketing to get an extra income?

The benefits of an Instagram business account

Before advertisers want to collaborate, they want to know your statistics. These statistics will automatically be updated in your mediakit when you’re connected to LinkPizza with a Instagram business account. Are you an influencer or publisher and are you not using a business account yet? This is the time to update your account. It’s super easy and gives you a lot of benefits.

How to create an Instagram business account?

You can simply create an Instagram business account: navigate in the app to settings and choose ‘switch to business profile’.  After that you can fill in your business profile with contact details and your website. When you’ve done that, you have a Instagram business account!

But beware: you’re not completely done yet! To use all the benefits of an Instagram business account and to be able to connect to LinkPizza you also have to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Navigate to your profile, choose ‘edit profile’ and select ‘page’ underneath business information. Select the Facebook page you want to connect with or make a new one.

How to connect your Instagram account to LinkPizza?

Is your business account connected to a Facebook page? Then you’ll be able to connect your Instagram with LinkPizza! In this way we can automatically keep your mediakit up to date with the newest statistics.

What are the benefits of an Instagram business account?

There is a lot of difference in the possibilities between a personal account and a business account. Curious about the benefits of an Instagram business account? The possibilities and differences are explained below.


Stats and numbers. Ultimately that is what it’s all about in the online media landscape. Boring? Certainly not! With an Instagram business account you learn more about who your followers are, but also what the best time is to post your messages.

With an Instagram business account you gain insight into when your followers are most active during the day. This way you can plan your posts in a more targeted way. Besides the normal likes and comments you can see with a personal profile, you see how often your post has been viewed, the unique reach, but also engagement of  a post. Also, you’ll receive more information about your followers. You can see the ratio in man and woman, the age of you followers and there location (country).

You can also see which of your previously posted posts have been the most successful. Perfect to determine your strategy and to place your content more effectively.

Instagram business statistics

Contact details

With a business account you are more accessible! You can add contact details such as your address, phone number and e-mail address to your biography. This is not possible with a personal account. Normally you would only enter an e-mail address here.

You can also add your website, super useful if you want to refer your followers to your blog!


You’ve probably seen it in stories: Swipe-up! If you have a business account and 10.000 or more followers, you have the option to add a link in your stories. This way you can easily add a link from of your newest blog post and lead your followers here.


Maybe not immediately what you think of, but you can also advertise on Instagram with a business account.  Especially for businesses it’s very interesting, but this can also be very interesting to promote your own profile! Instagram makes it possible to advertise and target your target audience.

You can do this with a sponsored post that is shown in the feed, but also by a sponsored story where you can place a link to your website or blog.

Do you want to make more out of your blog as an influencer and are you looking for collaborations with advertisers? Sign up with LinkPizza and within no time you have new assignments!

How do you write a good blog? Five tips!

Blogging, it is not always as easy as it seems. How do you write a good blog? Successful bloggers often have real success after many years of writing, with ups and downs. With perseverance and a good focus, it ultimately yields a lot. In this article, we give you five tips to help you write a good blog.

How do you write a good blog?

Not only is it important that you write a good blog for your visitors/ readers,  but it’s also important for Google. We give you five tips on how to write a good blog:

1. Decide who you write for

With your target group in mind, it’s important that you write about what you think they find interesting. You also adjust the writing style to what best suits your target group. For example, you write more personally for consumers, than when you have businesses or professionals as your target group.

2. Focus on one subject

To write a strong article, it’s important that you get a focus in your artikel. Choose a specific topic you want to write or inform about. Not only do you write a much stronger article for your readers, but it’s also clear to Google what you are writing about.

focus keyword

Determining a good focus keyword is very important and has a direct influence on your conversion. When using a short tail keyword, you have a lot of competition and a smaller chance of conversion. Therefore, use long tail keywords. With the SEO plugin Yoast you can indicate a focus keyword. The plugin assesses the readability and how far the article is SEO optimised. You will also receive feedback on how to improve your article.

How do you write a good blog?

3. Suitable topic

The topic you use must be suitable for your blog and your target group. Make sure you have one or a few main topics. A blog that focuses on a specific topic like food, such as keukenliefde, has a higher authority. Google values these kinds of websites higher than broad blogs focused on various topics. Also advertisers often have a preference for niche websites.

4. Blog regularly

It’s important to write a good blog, but it’s also – and maybe even more important – that you blog regularly. Sometimes it happens that you have no inspiration for new blogs, or can’t find the time to write them. That may occur sometimes, but it is important to keep blogging regularly. New and up-to-date content is important to maintain your position in Google or to get a higher ranking. Also, when you post new content regularly, your readers wil come back on a regular base.

5. Apply structure

Make sure your introduction is clear: what is the subject and what are going to treat. When writing a good blog it’s important that you use short, clear sentences. Also use subheadings and write short paragraphs. For the reader,  it is also nice to use an image from time to time, but only use it when this strengthens your text.

Are you already busy blogging and do you want to earn money with it? Read more about using affiliate links in your content here.



3 tips for using affiliate links in your content

As a blogger, influencer or content maker you prefer to show products on your website or channel where you stand for a 100%. But did you know that you can also earn something for it, without having a direct collaboration with an advertiser? Using affiliate links in your content is a suitable way to guide your visitors to the promoted product more easily and to earn something for yourself.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The affiliate marketing process works in four steps:

  1. As a blogger, influencer or content maker, you process an affiliate link in your content.
  2. Your visitor or follower clicks on this link after she has become enthusiastic about the product you are promoting.
  3. Your visitor or follower places an order.
  4. As result you’ll receive a commission on the order value excluding VAT and you have a happy visitor or follower!

In order to realize this, it’s important that affiliate links are processed on your website. You can create these links manually via an individual affiliate program, but you can also choose to use the LinkPizza plugin. Instead of manually adjusting the links, the LinkPizza plugin automatically converts the links on your website to affiliate links.

But how do you best incorporate affiliate links into your content? I’ll give you 3 tips.

1. Process affiliate links in your text

The moment you highlight the product in your content, is the moment that you can process your affiliate link in the text. For example, by naming the name of the product in the text and giving it an affiliate link, you increase the chance of clicking through to the website of the advertiser, more than when you give the link at the end of the article. As a visitor you want to click through immediately. At the end of the article the motivation of the visitor can already be decreased.

Als, do not forget that your visitors get a certain cooling-off period that we call cookie time. As long as the cookie remains valid, and this differs per affiliate program, your visitor can place an order and the commission will be assigned to you. That your visitors click through is therefore a must.

2. Think up products that match the promoted product

To be able to process more affiliate links in the same content, without constantly repeating the promoted product, you can highlight products that fit seamlessly into it. Think of a phone case or adapter with a phone, or a pair of shoes with a dress. You’ll help your visitor by highlighting the extras. If your visitor orders more from the advertiser, you can earn even more commission because the order value is higher. It’s a win-win!

3. Don’t forget the power of different media

How do you get traffic on your website right now? Maybe because of your social media channels or your newsletter file? Do not forget that you can use these channels to not only increase the traffic on your website, but also to increase the chance of commissions. Every visitor is a potential customer for the advertiser you promote. Tip: Use the LinkPizza Link shortener to convert links into an affiliate link for use in Social Media without the plug-in.

Make a fun and triggering expression for social media or a teaser in your newsletter and lead your visitors to your website so they can shop through the affiliate links in your content. If you make a link for Instagram , you can place it via in your bio or stories. You can also process the links in your newsletter. Keep in mind the possible rules that are drawn up by the various social media and newsletter technologies.

Good luck with processing affiliate links in your content!

Do you want to develop further in affiliate marketing? Then follow the special affiliate training for publishers and influencers from Affiliate blogger.

SEO down? Tips to solve it!

So you posted a bunch of great articles on your blog and realized that the amount of visitors on you website went down. Last week we received a question about the effect of LinkPizza’s script on your SEO. Answer: no effect!

LinkPizza script

The LinkPizza script that you installed on your website automatically converts outgoing links into affiliate links. This way you can easily make money when someone clicks on a link on your article. Our script works on your entire website, but doesn’t influence how google reads your pages. Even if, in your SEO-data shows it’s a blocked resource, on Google your page isn’t blocked and thus will be found in search results.

Google SEO ranking

Tracking scripts, like the LinkPizza script, don’t have influence on indexability. What may have a bigger influence are the frequent updates Google does to its algorithm. Read more about this in the MOZ article about SEO ranking. Google explains that scripts are not a problem and that warnings about the subject are about scripts that influence content on a visual level.

MOZ is one of the leading search engine optimization companies who track Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a number from 1 to 100 which indicated the value of your domain. The level of the number provides an accurate indication of your website’s position in search engines. You may also find this number in your MediaKit on LinkPizza (which you will find under your websites).

What is a blogger to do?

There are some elements you can review or adjust to find out why the number of visitors on your website is going down. Take a look at this article from MOZ, which explains how you can adjust these elements. We listed a couple of questions you may ask yourself:

  • Is your website Mobile ready? Since November 2016 Google is testing with its mobile index.
  • Does your website use Https?
  • Have you lost backlinks?
  • Are your WordPress and themes up to date? Google adjusts its algorithm on a daily bases and most themes adopt to this.

Still not convinced??

To help you out, we added a checkbox to our WordPress plugin (under advanced), which loads a version of the script that isn’t blocked. You may check this box if you use WordPress version 5.0.7. Blocking our script will make Google detect that your website visitors still go to the destination you are sending them to, and not to Remember that this may have a negative influence on our on-page SEO, so checking this box is at your own risk.

Setting indexing script LinkPizza
Setting indexing script

If you would like to make money on a specific link, without using the script, you may always use the shortened link or a manual redirect link. Remember that advertisers like to know their link’s data and may only want to work with you if you have our script on your website.

We hope to have informed you and look forward to seeing your amazing articles!

Earn more with your MediaKit

Are you making the most of your MediaKit? If your website is approved by us, it will be displayed in our marketplace. But do you realise the importance of your MediaKit for advertisers? Finalise your MediaKit on your dashboard under websites.

Example MediaKit
Example MediaKit

How it works

Before an advertiser decides to collaborate with you, he compares several publishers based on their MediaKit. He judges which of these publishers best fit the content campaign’s goals and decides who will generate the most views and clicks, and against what price.

The MediaKit contains different elements which you can add to, to optimise your chances of getting selected for campaigns. Add information to your MediaKit for an accurate overview of your website and what you want and can deliver.


Check the boxes that categorise your website’s content and subjects. The maximum amount of categories you can choose from is 7. Besides our main categories, you may select subcategories.


Indicate that you would like your MediaKit showcased in the marketplace and what kind of products you offer against what price.

Your website’s content determines what kind of content you publish, your products. For an extended explanation on the different products, take a look at our FAQ under terminology. You can select the following products:

  • Advertorial
  • Video
  • Press Release
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Newsletter
  • Mention
  • Review
  • Giveaway
  • Link

The compensation is an indication of the price you want for an article. You provide an indication for three different types of products: advertorial, mention and link. We divided these three products, because prices significantly differ. For example, an advertorial is bigger than a mention or link placing. Production will cost you more time and therefore costs more.

Estimated views*
Provide the estimated number of views you expect to generate with your article within the first month after publication. Be honest! When turns out you didn’t live up to your promise, it will affect your credibility. The chance of you getting approved for new campaigns may decrease.

Example advertorial
Add a link to an example advertorial on your website. This way an advertiser can determine if your writing capabilities fit his campaign. Make sure you place a URL that represents your writing style. Don’t forget to adjust the link when the article becomes inactive.


Statistics MediaKit
Statistics MediaKit

Views, sessions and unique visitors a month. In the eyes of an advertiser this is almost as important as a brand fit. Just like estimated views, provided by you in the element marketplace, honesty is key. You will be judged by all data you provide. When your information doesn’t correlate with the actual data, you may complete one assignment, but chances are you won’t get selected for new campaigns.


Demography MediaKit
Demography MediaKit

Provide information about the demography of your website. You can find this information in your website’s statistic via google analytics. If you don’t have this information, provide an accurate estimation.
Distinction man/woman and your visitor’s estimated age are some of the filters used by advertisers to find publishers. Sometimes the percentage is difficult to determine, but try to be accurate.

Social Profiles

Social media results are very valuable for advertisers. In case an advertiser wishes that you share your article on your social media channels, your measured likes and followers will be a big part of their selection process. You may select Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Your channels’ likes and followers will automatically be fetched by us.


In case you enable SmartWords, LinkPizza’s intelligent script will add monetizable links to your content. Enabling SmartWords doesn’t affect your MediaKit.


Screenshot MediaKit
Screenshot MediaKit

A new screenshot will be fetched by us every 14 days. You may upload one yourself. Your screenshot is your website’s presentation. The better it represents your website, the faster an advertiser will determine if you fit their campaign needs.


The Logo you upload can be an official logo, but could also show your website’s characteristics, or you.

Ready to be found?
Start finalizing your MediaKit here. Do you have additional questions about different kinds of products? Take a look at our FAQ.

* Shows which elements are used by advertisers to filter in the marketplace.